Our system of information distribution established a new standard in the industry and is the most recent development in the market.

Its advanced functions offer our customers detailed information of their operations.

We have a sophisticated high-performance private network that supports over 400 screens and their respective point-to-point connections in Mexico and abroad.


The SEL system, working in conjunction with the EnCast platform, allows us to extend the support to the value of chain of our clients, by supporting their transactions of assignment and settlement of operations inside and outside of our systems.

SEL has a direct connection to Indeval, and has been developed using the most recent protocols defined by it.

Banco de México and Indeval have recognized us for having the first platform to conclude the implementation of the Indeval Financial Protocol.


It is our mechanism of interconnection between Enlace systems and those of our customers (STP). The implementation of StarHub improves the operational efficiency by allowing our customers to receive trades online, minimizing input errors and allowing them to concentrate on their business. StarHub is also available for assignment and settlement information processed through our SEL system.

In addition to StarHub, we can offer our clients in Mexico and abroad clients the online delivery of their operations using our extensive network of business partners.

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