Our services Mexico


  • Spot USD/MXN
  • Spot EUR/USD
  • Spot EUR/MXN
Money Market
  • Government Paper: Bonds, Cetes, Cuponados, Reportos and Udibonos
  • Bank Paper: Promissory notes and Bonds
  • Commercial Paper
  • Corporate Bonds
  • Sovereign Spreads


  • Futures of Cete 91, FRA´s
  • OIS Government and Bank Yield
  • TIIE Swaps, UDI-TIIE Swaps, UDI-LIBOR Swaps, TIIE-LIBOR Swaps and Cross Currency Swaps (CCS)
  • FX Forwards
  • Short Date Forwards
  • LatAm NDF´s, Currency Swaps, Spreads-CCS, Fixing including Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Peru and Chile.
  • Swaptions, Options (Caps and Floor) and Asset Swaps
MexDer (Mexican Derivatives)
  • Future Contracts: Currencies, Indexes, Rates and Actions.
  • Option Contracts: Indexes, Actions, ETF‘s and Currencies.

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      StarHub – STP Mechanism that improves operation efficiency by connecting directly to each customer’s system. Read more

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